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POE Creations Foundation

Welcomes YOU

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... with abundant blessings, deepest LOVE and gratitude for ALL YOU DO.


'Tis quite auspicious and rewarding to BE Here NOW as WE care and share for OUR Planet and all inhabitants; while providing the highest frequency and vibration for the best reality.


IT brings great pleasure preparing Paradise, Peace, Positivity, and Purpose On Earth, Over Every One and Thing.


POE-osophy??? WE are constantly creating OUR reality with each thought WE speak; so let's BE wise with OUR words, PLEASE!

Manifesting POE-tentiality as "Portals Of Energy"! POE Creating at ITs' finest for ALL to BE FREE. Fun-Taz-Magic-Oracally!!!

My personal exclamation of THIS is Ultra-Phantasmagorical Cosmic Orgasmic Bliss Filled Living. Some call IT Nirvana, Samadhi, or "The Peace that passes understanding".

WE all have a choice to live by Universal or man made laws for assisting OUR continued planetary ascension. At POE, the decision is to participate in this explicit endeavor as OUR Collective Consciousness Uniting Light Together. Which is what OCCULT really means. wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP World Please!!!

May ALL Sentient BEINGS experience peace and harmony eternally.

so mote it be, So Be It and SO IT IS!!!

Enjoy YOUR Journey*


Amen % Namaste' 

Robin POE 


POE Creations Foundation strives to make a positive impact by introducing natural modalities and wisdom for expanding emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual advancements of individuals and the community.


  • Anachronisms

    • Understanding history and myth through education, research, and social interaction.

  • Arts, Crafts, and Jewelry Making

    • Creative projects of inspiration for character building, mental stamina, and FUN.

  • Chanting

    • Ancient practice of using one’s own voice for connecting to a deeper level of self-discovery.

  • Meditation

    • Understanding the integration and balance of body, mind, and spirit.

  • Qigong

    • Breath and enhanced body movements for energetic life improvement.

  • Re-Connection Observation

    • Raising and Re-Storing vibrations through the comprehensive spectrum of frequencies, which consists of energy, information, and light.

  • Re-Creation Retreats

    • Learning about nature, self, and wildlife through excursions and experiments in natural surroundings through in & outdoor experiences.

  • Sound Therapy

    • Providing an awareness of frequency through various forms of language, music, and sound.

  • Synchronicity Sightings

    • Seeing the World as IT speaks in signs, symbols and timing.

  • Vision Board Building

    • Creating artwork Re-Presenting life as it is desired for NOW and future living.

  • Writing

    • Expressing compelling and inspirational ideas of one’s innermost thoughts.


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Robin Poe-Founder

POE Creations Foundation

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