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aloedd The Game




That was all that was ever needed to create a character and engage in ALOEDD the Game, an in-person Role Playing Game with an ongoing history of a fantastic discovery. In gameplay several characters found, explored, mapped, and named a dimension much like Earth; the Map World. 


What is offered here is to be part of this ongoing history. 

Joining ALOEDD Endeavors affords you:


1) Insight into things (storylines), which have been developing since 1985, have been kept secret, and are all based on accumulated hours/days/weeks/months/years of rich game play and character development and actions. 

2) Personal input and critique of that history.  Perhaps you see historical outcomes differently than how history portrays it.  Perhaps you want to just give your feelings, maybe you would have done it differently and want to say so.  We will listen, and not only listen, consider whether what you see is more believable.  ALOEDD is a believable fantasy game.  No creatures, characters, villains, heroes, scenarios, nor obstacles are so powerful as to be insurmountable.  Fantasy isn't always unbelievable, as a matter of fact, "All life is but a fantasy, to be lived not fretted," according to a demi-god character named Oilamsam.  So, if you have insights, thoughts, feedback, one of our many apprentice magic users will first assure they aren't filled with negative spells.  Once that is done, you will chat with either a high level historian, a Linguenieer, a Magic User of some expertise or one of the founding wizards, maybe even Exclasius Dolvine himself.  After your chat, the most appropriately believable development of events will be decided and play will commence to change that aspect of history - or not.

3) You will receive an Invitation to participate in the annual quest that is sponsored by TTE/FantasyInk. The quest will be included in the ongoing history of the Map World (ergo; the Game).  Yes, you will be invited to bring a character into play (creation of such will be done with the help of an ALOEDD scribe).  Your character will then become part of the ongoing history and you will have the distinction of being one of only twelve (12) players to be part of a scenario run by the creator of ALLOEDD the Game.  This scenario will be virtual (unless it develops into deep play where all players will be invited to meet in Las Vegas, Nevada and play out the ending, together at the table...

4) ALOEDD memorabilia.  You will be privy to maps, keep drawings, scrolls, and other hand drawn paraphernalia of games past.

5) You may have your personal character drawn by TTE's senior artist.  (There are times when it may be one of TTE's other artists, but there is no scrimping on expertise).

6) You may meet other players from the history or newer players who, like yourself, are waging spirited gameplay to prove worthy of inclusion in history.
7) Your character may become part of a Graphic Novel, or other short story. Some of TTE's storylines are prime for Hollywood scripting.

8) Grand Discounts on all things art!  TTE and its associates offer a plethora of artwork, graphic novels, clothing, posters, and more.  As part of the ALOEDD Endeavors, you will receive amazing discounts of all products and some services.

I would say, hurry up and send your inquiry to see how you can be part of this, but as a very wise wizard once said, "Time is only relevant to the physical experience known to your present body. Nothing else is governed or affected by it. Ergo, do what is needed without regards to it." 

Should you actually be interested, and when/if you feel like it;

Contact the Wizard Zaybxc (Emissary to the Map World, who really will answer you) and discuss options and prices at


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