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For what it's worth

Are We A Resilient And Adaptive Human Race

The Aftermath of Corona

No matter when it happened or how it was addressed at that time,

People died, but more importantly people survived.

Let Life Live!


Hiding in a hole and being directed on our every move isn’t what’s best for society nor the human race. 

For centuries we’ve lived and allowed our immunities to develop as is natural.  Life with forced sequestering and external stimuli taking the place of normal functionality strips humankind of natural resistance. 

The impetus of major pharmaceuticals to indoctrinate the public on taking a drug for everything they tell you is ailing you, vaccine development, sanitation and contamination fears, and other misinformation for the benefit of higher powers has atrophied the human immune system, but even in atrophy a muscle or for our purposes here, the immune system can recover with exercise and proper therapy/education.

That is IF we allow it to.


How do we do that?  Well, the first thing I would suggest is to slow down and look at what is going on right in front of you.  Hear what is really being said all around you.  Allow for your Spirit, consciousness, gut feeling, intuition, whatever you want to call what you rely upon when you just know not to run out in the street in front of oncoming traffic, to have a voice again.  Know that you have the ability to make appropriate and useful choices on your own and don’t have to be mandated or have more ordinances posted to do what’s best.  This just is being a human.  As far as is known humans are the only species that understands the importance of words.  After all, they are being used against us every day. Especially since the Corona pandemic was declared. 

Is it not suspicious that although infectious diseases have been plaguing the world since before 430 B.C.’s Plague of Athens?  In five years it carried an estimated death toll of 100,000 then I bow respectively to the Black Death of 1350, also known as the Bubonic Plague.  It started in Asia and was responsible for the death of one-third of the world’s population, this one is looking like the worst so far.  But alas Corona Covid-19 has the best Public Relations Department selling it as the worst thing to ever threaten the world’s population.  I note the PR department for the mass media hype and sensationalism have speared a movement of economic and social restructuring like non other.  Oh, but wait!  I’m sorry, that’s the ranting of a ‘conspiracy theorists’ not an informed news watching person.  Understanding this, I’ll continue with what is not a history lesson on virus pandemics or tales of viruses past.


If it were, I’d mention the Great Bubonic Plague of London in 1665, which led to the deaths of 20 percent of its population.  Doesn’t surprise me the outbreak tapered off in 1666 around the same time as the Great Fire of London.  Common practice was to burn the infected, if the infected inhabited an entire city, burn the entire city.  Well, no I’m not saying that IS what happened, I’m just saying… Then the 1855’s Third Plague Pandemic, started in China and claimed 15 million victims.  In 1889 a significant flu pandemic started in Siberia and traveled to the rest of Europe, North America, and Africa.  By the end of 1890, 360,000 had died.  1918 brought the Spanish flu pandemic and by October of that year, hundreds of thousands of Americans had died.  In the summer of 1919 after most of the infected had either developed immunities or died the threat diminished.  WAIT, pay attention; in just a year, without vaccines and modern medications the people developed immunities to the plague and the threat diminished.  But we are now looking down the barrel of the possibilities of mandatory vaccinations and further restrictions for those who refuse for whatever reason, be it conspiracy theory, contrariness, or viable medical reasons clearly showing dangerous side effects, reactions, and life-threatening consequences should that individual take the vaccine.


After the Asian Flu pandemic started in 1957 Hong Kong, spread throughout China, and then quickly into the United States, becoming widespread and in just six months, 14,000 people died a vaccine was created.  It was in 1958, when 1.1 million deaths globally, 116,000 in the United States alone, were attributed to a second wave, but it isn’t clear whether that vaccine stopped the pandemic or was just one avenue to deal with the virus.  I’m sure it had some significant influences be they good or bad. Still the increasing intensity of viruses’ effects on humans especially, may be associative to the ongoing ‘curative drug’ production.  After the vaccine and other medications the onset of pandemics did not stop.

According to the CDC, the viral disease SARS first appeared in Southern China in November 2002.  It was reported in Asia February 2003 and recognized as a global threat in March.  During that outbreak 9.5579% of those effected died, none of which were in America.  Those six months costs the world an estimated $40 billion.  And this still was not the end of viral infections devastating the globe.


After the Corona pandemic of 2003 there was a major outbreak of the H1N1 influenza or “swine” flu beginning in the spring of 2009.  The H1N1 flu traveled around the world in a few short months.  During this pandemic, some schools closed but only the infected were quarantined.  The H1N1 flu waned and another variant H7N9 emerged detected in birds and humans in China in the spring of 2013.

Then on March 11, 2020, within three months and infecting over 118,000 people, the COVID-19 virus was officially declared a pandemic by the WHO.  Starting in China, it spread beyond Chinese borders throughout the world and by December, the media declared more than 75 million infected and more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide.  Seems like a lot of these major infectious diseases start in China.

What I’m showing here is that no matter when it happened or how it was addressed at the time, people died, but more importantly people survived.  Today’s threat isn’t an end-all of civilization unless we cause it, the end of all civilization that is.  Covid-19 is not the beast that will eat all the people.  It will get people sick, some will die, but it will pass just as all the others and some other virus or disease will take its place or a new strain of this one.  My true question is will civilization as we have come to live it pass also?



Obviously, Corona is a serious VARIANT of a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, (SARS-CoV), a viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus, called SARS-Associated Coronavirus.  Although Sars, coronaviruses, and others have plagued the world and taken large portions of its population, and Covid-19 virus’ devastation has truly been bad but may still not be the worst we will see if history is any sign of the reputation of illness.  But it’s been nearly a year, we know what to do, what to look for, and how to stay safe.  It’s time to be allowed to think for ourselves, get our lives back, open our businesses, and move on. 

Instead we are living in a time of control, fear, and mandatory alterations of our freedoms of choice, movement, and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity.  The more restrictions and oppressions we place or allow to be placed upon us under the guise of protecting us the more freedoms we give up.  We have done this with allowing cameras on every corner, AI in the house that monitors our environment and what we do within it.  We have allowed anti-social behavior to become the new norm.  Small businesses are closing daily, access to food, clothing, other staples and entertainment have been curtailed and restricted by non-law mandates and peer pressure, just to name a few of the obvious.  Now we have a ‘vaccine’ for the imposed pandemic threat.  Just how long before the vaccine is mandatory in order to shop or have free movement?  I predicted before that when it came to be, without it your children will not be allowed an education within the system, you will not be allowed to work, go to the store, restaurant, etc.  How will we survive the restrictions and mandatory regulations that are replacing free choice?  I won’t even ask if they really are necessary?  I predict now that they will be permanent? You don’t think things have changed?

It was but a few decades ago that we walked the streets at night, left doors unlocked, sat on the porch, and said hi to people passing by.  Not many years ago we could drive down the road without having cameras at every intersection, building entrance, gas pump, basically any area that isn’t our house.  Most importantly today, is the fact that it was just this time last year when we could walk into a restaurant with an entourage and pull tables together so everyone could sit, laugh, eat, and openly visit.  Now, we are told to be scared, that our friends, neighbors, even the smiling clerk at the fast-food joint are all dangerous.  Before anyone realized and without choice we were restricted from movement and certain freedoms.  We were not allowed to go to the restaurant with our entourage, we were not allowed to mingle and go to the movies or walk on the beach.  Although not a law, we now must stand on the 6’ mark and wear a mask.  If we don’t, we cannot go into businesses, buy groceries or other needs, and now must endure ridiculously outlined ordinances.  Someone please tell me how this happened?  How do we just give away all that has been fought for, slaved for, worked for, and loved for?  I wonder how long before there’s a Covid19 Registration requirement with public notification if you were diagnosed positive so the neighbors can outcast the ‘infected’.  But I digress. 

A pandemic was declared and businesses selling now ‘mandatory’ items are booming.  A few natural reactions to anticipation, caution, fear, and opportunity.  Ok, considering the history of infectious diseases and the passing of all given time, social distancing would be a wise suggestion offered to the public but not a mandatory requirement.   Nor is there justification for mandatory-maximum occupancy in a place of business or closing entertainment venues, churches, schools, and parks.  Ordinances requiring the wearing of a mask are another form of control and catalyst for the surge of anti-social behavior’s relevance in society.  Perhaps a more appropriate and economically sound response would be to recommend social distancing by remaining home if you have symptoms of illness.  Remind people of proper hygiene practices which used to teach us to cover when coughing, wash hands often, and be aware of our surroundings both how you affect it and how it could affect you. Instead, we have been forced to do these things at a cost. 

There is no logical reason to allow a virus, the same caliber as historical respiratory disorders, diseases, and other deadly viruses to force removal of lifestyles developed and changed over time through adaptation, education, edification, minor lows and major highs.  Lifestyles are paradigms particular to social similarity not dictates and subliminally controlled environments.  Humankind’s lifestyles aren’t controlled by the flip of the on and off switch or a hey google.  The drastic journey of social and economical change which we are being maneuvered into is such a dynamic and altering step that recovery may not see fruition.  An exception to total loss may be those who didn’t allow the switch to be flipped without cognitive resistance and therefor may survive the growing control. We shall see, that is if the truth isn’t totally censored and history changed first.

Had life been allowed to go on as usual with notably the cautionary and hygienically proper education, Covid-19 too would go down in history as another pandemic disaster that changed history and the world moved on.  Contrariwise, what I see going down in history is that this will be the pandemic that changed ways of life, removed constitutionally protected rights, shut down a large majority of small businesses across the country, changed our economy, livelihoods, and families as well as our individual purchase power and freedoms of movement, privacy, choice, and more.

Covid-19, as diseases before it and those yet to come, will kill more people before we overcome it which we shall as we have done in the past.  Now we either adapt naturally and move on or change nature and lose part of our humanity.  It is our choice to allow this virus to be used to overwhelm, divide, and change our very ways of life.  Each of us could take responsibility for our own actions and life and do what is useful while living, working, running our business, and instructing our children instead of being mandated to do what is naturally proper and conscious.

I feel it is time for us to stop and say, “We don’t need someone to parent us and make all our decisions for us.  We are a resilient and adaptive human race.”  We can learn from and survive this virus as we have so many in the past, but whether we survive the restrictions set before us and the change of all things familiar and progressive under the guise of protecting us from it has yet to be seen.  I can only hope we don’t have to find out. 

I say, Let life live!

Always in Spirit and Truth

Ed Note,

Editor Emeritus,

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