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 Today's Movie Review is a Classic Horror Movie 


Feast & Feast Sloppy Seconds, Dimension Films 2006;

Produced By Ben Affleck, Mat Damon, Chris Moore, and Wes Craven.

Okay, I watched Feast and definitely feel it a movie worth noticing.  Then again, how can you not notice a movie ripe with excessive blood and goo being spewed over beautiful scantily clad women?

First time director John Gulager, did an exceptional job in creating creature horror without CGI and SPFX.  John is the son of Clu Gulager, the first cousin of Will Rogers.  John’s dad, Clu is a well renowned television and movie actor, who also starred in Feast as the Bartender.  As John Gulager put it, his horror was created with “80’s retro” effects.  I liked that because I believe in makeup and prosthetics for monsters and mayhem as opposed to some CGI that you can normally tell is fake.  It was done excellently. 

Ok, I agree with Ski, CGI special effects are becoming so good that it is often difficult to tell whether you are watching a real person or not.  Personally, that isn’t acting, but then again, neither am I.  In FEAST the effects are a bit on the ‘cheesy’ side in places, but they were also done so effectively that some raised question of their ‘reality.’   


The movie itself was sub-par but as for the ‘trapped in the bar, being attacked by monsters’ movie goes it was tops.  Without exposing too many of the bumps and jumps which the movie did offer, I will say that the actors did a great job of showing how traumatic it would be to be trapped in a building surrounded by horny hungry monsters.  Dark humor spews from the lips of the cast almost as abundantly as the blood from the special effects department. 


I suggest that anyone who enjoys Pulp Fiction Horror will enjoy this movie.  If for nothing else, I would have to give this movie, a two thumbs up!  It was entertaining and in your face.

MOVING ON to a movie not so worth the price of a movie ticket, was the sequel Feast 2, Sloppy Seconds. 

Woof!  This movie was an obvious, “Let’s milk this kitty,” movie.  God must I admit that is what they did in the movie, with a cat, oops … anyway this movie's monsters are certainly as horny as they were hungry.

I have to give the production team, the same team as the first Feast, credit for taking liberties to the limit with the in your face ‘you can’t do that in a movie’ actions.


After all, in what movie would you get away with throwing a baby in the air and in close motion watch it fall to the street in a resounding ‘splat!’  Or, … well, you have to watch it to get as insulted as possible by a low budget movie that would give Quinton Tarentino and Rob Zombie a run for their money.  It was horribly realistic in some of the sequences.  After all, it is hard to fake a dog that has had its guts blown out by a shotgun.  Pretty damned realistic, trust me, I had to look twice and still don’t know if it wasn’t a real dog.

For pure mettle in pushing the limit, I suggest you watch this.  For artistic creativity, I can say that the cinematography was very good and the acting adequate.  I will give this a very strained one thumb up.


Reviewer: Rohn 



As much as I would like to disagree with Rohn, I also enjoyed the movie and feel Feast was a movie worth watching, albeit even once.


In contrast however to Rohn being a fan of the "old school retro" genre and calling the effects "exceptional,” I would have to disagree being that I am a fan of the newer style computer generated graphics and feel their 'look' brings more to the realism of the effects being generated.  First time director John Gulager did a good job with the budget he had in creating the "80's style retro effects" and the absence of CGI did not detract from the movie at all.


The satirical comedic interludes were extremely enjoyable as this was supposed to be a horror movie but turned out to be more of a Scary Movie takeoff as the cast constantly fumbled around themselves, while trying to stay alive and kill all of the creatures.   Some examples were when one of the young creatures winds up humping a stuffed trophy hung on the wall instead of attacking the people in the bar as well as the bartender, Clu Gulager who just happened to be the director's father, shooting the owner's toe off through the ceiling (twice) when trying to kill the same creature who was having his way with the dead deer.


All in all I would have to give the effort as it made me laugh continuously throughout. 


And again, unlike Rohn, I have not had the chance to see the sequel but after reading his opinion on it, I'm not sure I want to.

Reviewer: R. “Ski” B.

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