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For what it's worth

Be a Driver of Positivity and Appreciation

There are some among us who are not wrapped up in self...

Those who are there when the world shits and someone must clean it up,

wipe the brow of the sick, the infected, the downtrodden.

      I sit and stare at the pad of paper on my lap and wonder what is the outcome of my writings?  Are they read?  Are they appreciated?  Then my inner self (call it Soul, Spirit, Universal Energy) brings my mind (call it Will, Consciousness, Self) to the truth that it isn’t necessarily the reward of writing or doing something that is most useful, it is the reception of it within the circle of influence it resides once created.  So the better question I ask is; Are they useful? 

     What does all that mean?  Well, maybe it has a different meaning to each reader, much like the three-fold reality of communication; What I say, What I mean to say, and What you hear.  A writer has a unique responsibility to bring those three facets as close together as possible.  So, I’ll make this a short and hopefully understandable communication between you (the reader) and I (the writer).

     These times are showing a growing global attitude of selfish, unaware of consequences, just do me and follow the “norm” be that whatever it may be.  I could easily go into the new norm being indoctrinated upon the world by mass media disinformation, commercializing lifestyles, and the world is going to hell in a handbasket if you don’t (fill in the blanks with the latest damndemic requirements and peer pressure).  After all, I did predict mandatory vaccinations and registration of those who do receive one, which if you’re not paying attention is happening, but I’ll save all that for another dissertation.  News at 8!

     With this growing global attitude, I reinforce the importance of vigilance towards how our actions, words, even thoughts are not only a reflection of who we are but have a direct consequential impact on the environment (circle of influence) each of us live and experience within.  Ergo, it is important to respect the outcome of those actions, words, and thoughts prior to creating them.

   There are those among us who are not wrapped up in self and are the true philanthropists/angels.  Those who are there when the world shits and someone must clean it up, wipe the brow of the sick, the infected, the downtrodden.  These angels are the ones who feed the hungry, clothe the naked, put shoes on the feet of those without.  These individuals do so because they can, because they make a conscious choice to be a positive difference, because they have compassion and appreciation for the world and people around them.  It is unfortunate that their graciousness is overshadowed by the mass disinformation media agenda of doom and gloom, and a populous apathy towards anything positive.

    It is time to understand each and every one of us has the ability to change the present paradigm into one of assistance, compassion, and empathy (some major ingredients in the makeup of love) towards each other (no matter race, sex, age, damndemic association/attitude, or belief system).  Truly a journey of change is not untravellable, but it is up to us to be part of the work in paving the way.

Consider how you wish to be treated not the way you are and treat others with that same consideration.  If there’s someone who is in need, not a drunk looking for a dollar to buy another bottle, but a drunk looking for sobriety, reach out.  Reach out with unconditional assistance. 

    The world does not have to come to an end of reason.  We don’t have to lose our rights and freedoms.  We actually can make a positive difference without being corralled into a negative one.  We do still have a will (the power to make choices) so when we choose to do or speak, make it useful.  It is not useful to just follow the trend, led by the nose into a world of condemnation and negativity. 

    Stop for just a moment before you make up your mind and listen to that truth that lives within.  You are the only one who can dictate your actions, be they useful or harmful so dictate actions, words, and thoughts that are encouraging, helpful, unbiased, compassionate, reasonable, unselfish, and truthful.  Don’t look for the immediate reward, this diminishes the truth of your deeds.  Realize you will witness the great reward in the end after diligence and hopefully likeminded actions of others.  The useful outcome of what you have contributed is the reward.

     Don’t allow others to bear the entire weight of philanthropic journeys, for the way becomes clearer and with fewer obstacles the more people travel it.  Be a driver of positivity and appreciation every moment.

Reiteration of my earlier hope: That what I am saying, what I mean to say, and what you hear is; Be a positive force within a world of negatives no matter if anyone gives you recognition for being that force!

Always in Spirit and Truth

Ed Note




For What It’s Worth is the mindset of the author. Your feedback, comments, and questions help create a dialog of truth and understanding. Hesitate not to reach out at: your emails will be answered, feedback will be addressed.

Exclasius Dolvine, Editor Emeritus

Total Thought Enterprises

Published in Vegas Cannabis Magazine brought some comments:

Be a Driver if Positivity…by Ed Note-Note, knocked it out of the park-great writing!!!


Hey there I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your article "Be a Driver of Positivity and Appreciation in Every Moment".  I've been reading a little free booklet I found titled "The Fountain of Healing" by Master Ted Sun. And your article preaches the same type of notion. The power of positivity and self growth but being able to help others by mastering ones own actions. I just wanted to send my thanks. 


Best Regards, Zach.

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