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Graphic Novels




RPG Character


Personalized Creations

Various Genre:  

Fantasy, Action, Western, Mystery, Music, Sports, and more...

Total Thought Enterprises has created some very unique and conventional Graphic Novels. 


Also available are calendars based on these Graphic Novels as well as Positive Affirmations and your personalized ideas.

Other Titles which are available in Graphic Novel & Calendar format:

Byline: Max Bayard/Pyramid of Time


The Siege,

After the End,

One Winter,

One Nobel Gesture,

The Ballad of Briscoe Hawke,

Balfore’s Meanness,

Eighty Pounds,

The Troll and the Princess,

The Brain Worm,

Tres Orbs

Our present Calendar & Graphic Novel offering is: 

Byline: Max Bayard/the Albatross Files.

  The Albatross Files follows action reporter,

Max Bayard and his associates as they become dangerously involved with Nazi and US Government Spies.

--- Year and Edition available upon request ---

TTE/Fantasy Ink offers illustrations for your story, novel, or advertisements.

Art by Request

Wall Murals

Character Art & Maps

for your RPG


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