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What We Do

Various Items of interest, antique, or collectible are for sale at low and ridiculous prices, consignment

Total Thought Enterprises prides itself with offerings of antique, vintage, and unique furniture, trinkets, what-nots, as well as collectibles with and without certificates of authenticity, yard sale items (many are new items, which are common enough household items that TTE offers them at prices, which can only be beat by FREE).

In conjunction with Associated Services TTE also offers consignment, purchase, and auction opportunities.


Some items presently on sale are Collectible Disney Toys, porcelain statues, knives, clothing etc.  Many items may be seen by clicking on the bell here.


TTE is a certified Dr Dabber dealer (smoking tools and luxury items) along with other smoking accessories from name-brand companies.

PICTURED: Antique Desk

TTE will barter, trade, or purchase.

Novelties, Furniture,&


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