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TTE/Concepts et al, offers Services for UNIQUE and entertaining events, parties, wedding receptions, etc.

                As well as feedback on your ideas and concepts.

Through various available associated services TTE/Concepts will assist with creating an event to remember. 

Whether you are wanting a unique or conventional event, we assist in planning all aspects of your event from arraigning artists, bands, DJs, magicians, musicians, and other entertainment options to set up, Audio/Video techs, design, concept, and cleanup of the event when it's over.

We can assist on private or corporate parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, motivational or Spiritual gatherings.

     ----  No matter the reason, we will ensure the same professionalism, the same extended attention to detail, and our unique personal touch affording you the most out of the experience.

Although TTE/Concepts et al is not per se an event planner' we have mental wizards who will sit and discuss your desires and visions with openness and empathy.  The end result is our characteristic input to help create a concept, idea, and plan to make those desires and visions come true.

Our various artists, designers, DJs, magicians, musicians, and other sources will be made available to help you organize and create a unique experience for your clients or guests.


Another service of TTE/Concepts is to come and just listen to what you have in mind and offer constructive feedback.


Click the Wizard's Help link below and fill out the form or contact TTE/Concepts et al at:

TTE/Concepts et al

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