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Experience the 

Enlightenment of


Exceptional Reality

​Spend an hour, afternoon, or weekend with POE

& others of like mind

for expanding

OUR Collective Consciousness & Creating GREAT Reality

Re-Creation Retreats

Meaningful Meet UPS...

"Memorable Moments"

  • Meeting at Vortexes to enhance awareness of your every day experiences.​​

"Grand Moments

  • Raising vibrations for creating a great reality for you and everybody.​

"Grandeur Moments"

  • Sharing intentions for transformational interactions of receiving.

"Grandiose Moments

  • Revealing the intuitive ability and power for manifesting your lifelong desires and dreams.




Contact POE at 702-292-2113 to schedule a Totally Transforming Experience TODAY!


{Donations Appreciated}

POE Creations Foundation

Manifesting everyone's desires and dreams as WE build the future TOGETHER, one spoken thought at a time.

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