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Picture of Frankin Wizard's Apprentice Welcomes you wit floating objects

If you don't already know, I'm Franklin, Wizard's apprentice, I welcome you to Browse around.

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Life and Spiritual Counseling

TTE offers great amounts of time, patience, and positive energy to assure you understand that your needs and issues are not only important to you, but to your family, love-ones, and us.

We are all Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience, there is no need to allow the physical to continue to rule when it throws obstacles in your Spiritual journey. We are here to listen and hear!

Our time, patience, and positive energy is given pro-bono but of course we accept (and encourage) donations. 

TTE's site allows you to find Graphic Novels, Stagehands, AV Techs, collectibles, furniture, hand-made items, art, crafts, party planning, bands, property services, drivers, and more.

Let me not fail to mention ---- an addition;


           From Wisdom and Wizardry to recognizing the great Truth of the Law of Attraction and the Universe; check out Totally Transforming Experiences 

with our Friends & Associates at.... 

POE Creations Foundation

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