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New gameing suggestions are welcome if not mentioned

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remastered Edition

PS4 Reviews

Please stay tuned for PS4 Reviews.
In the meantime, if you would like to contribute your feedback on any games, let us know.

Alright alright alright.

We all love Pro Skater, the new skate game is OK.  

Sure the remastered edition of THPS doesn't have create a character like there THPS underground 1 and 2.

We all remember create a character in THPS 3 but that's PS2 for those thinking of the other create a player discs.

This has a group of people that originated skating. It is a throwback like no other it still has the secret hidden tape. This game in particular is definitely a DO.

If you like the THPS 3 skating courses get the downloadable content off the PlayStation store. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

is the game I will be reviewing.

It is for PS3. 
Kyler G.

If you don't like the futuristic content of Black Ops 3 and you just want something simple, then Black Ops 2 is the game for you! 

The game itself has great graphics and amazing game play!

It doesn't take long to learn the basics of the game, for example it took me about three days to learn all of the guns.

There are three different gaming modes in Black Ops 2.

Multiplayer, Campaign, and Zombies, and they are all mesmerizing.

You can play online, or if you have friends over, or if you just want to play by yourself go right ahead they are all satisfying. 

If you like knifing zombies and shooting guys in the face for the fun of it, then this is the game for you!! 

So this game is a play for me!!!!!

If you think I'm wrong or have something to add, come on!  I look forward to debating or just chatting about this or other games.

Kyler G.

Everyone has an opinion, thought, question, and certainly a right to voice them.  
TTE's Concept Team is open to ...
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