TTE - What We Do

TTE//Fantasy Ink Originals

Various Genre:

Fantasy, Action, Western, Mystery, Music, Sports, and personalized comics based on your particular needs.

Motivational and Spiritual Speakers & Script Writing available

Licensed and Experienced Drivers

Limousine, Luxury Sedan, Food Delivery, Work Truck, Medium Duty Truck

Artwork created for your personal or business needs.

Specialized Calendars

from the selection of 

TTE/Fantasy Ink Graphic Novels

Various Items of Interest, Antique, Collectible 

for sale at low and ridiculous prices.

Consignment Items

Through Various Associated Services TTE offers Event and Show Techs, as well as general labor, cleaning, painting, management services

Event & Party Planning

DJ Bookings


Other Entertainment Services

For More Information on these or other services offered 

PLEASE contact TTE at (702) 629-8680 or email