POE Creations Foundation


... ALL Of YOU with Abundant Blessings, Deepest LOVE and Gratitude for ALL YOU DO

'Tis so auspicious and rewarding to BE Here NOW as WE Care and Share for OUR Planet and ALL of ITs' inhabitants, while providing the highest frequency and vibration.


IT brings great pleasure preparing Paradise, Peace, Positivity, and Purpose On Earth, Over Every One and Thing.  Creating OUR Reality with Each Thought WE Speak.

Manifesting POEtentiality for ALL as "Portals Of Energy", POE Creating at ITs' Finest -


May ALL Sentient BEINGS experience FREEDOM Eternally and EVERYONE'S Desires and Dreams BE Reality.

So Mote IT BE!



Robin POE


Principles Of Enlightenment


  • All relations are conducted with compassion, equality, and justice.

  • Be impeccable with one’s word (mean what you say and say what you mean).

  • Be at peace with everything.

  • Do ones’ best at all endeavors.

  • Take nothing personal nor make assumptions.

  • Everyone and thing has inherent worth and dignity and thereby possesses conscience rights to truth and understanding.

  • Strive for an ideal form of community, recognizing all as equals with acceptance of one another and encouragement of growth.

  • Realize (REAL Eyes) the paramount importance of a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while expressing the Universal goal of peace, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Dedicate oneself to the interdisciplinary investigation and study in the nature of communication, consciousness, culture, science, and truth.

  • Coming together for the purpose of co-creating and manifesting everyone's desires and dreams by building the future one spoken thought at a time. 


POE Comfort Courses


POE Creations Foundation strives to make a difference in all lives by introducing natural modalities for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual advancements.


POE is developing the following classes, courses, and outreach gatherings to meet the needs of the community for the improvement of the environment;

  • Anachronisms

    • Understanding history and myth through education, research, and social interaction.

  • Arts, Crafts, and Jewelry Making

    • Creative projects of inspiration for character building, mental stamina, and self-discovery.

  • Chanting

    • Ancient practice of using one’s own voice to connect at a deeper level.

  • Meditation

    • Understanding the  integration and balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  • Qi Gong

    • Breath, energy, and simple body movements.

  • Re-Connection Observation

    • Restoring core balance through the comprehensive spectrum of frequencies, which consist of energy, information, and light.

  • Re-Creation Retreats

    • Learning about nature and wildlife through excursions and experiments in natural surroundings through Outdoor Experiences.

  • Sound Therapy

    • Providing an awareness of frequency and vibrations through forms of various experiential languages that are universal; music.

  • Synchronicity Sightings

    • Seeing the World as IT speaks in signs and symbols.

  • Vision Board Building

    • Creating artwork representing life as it is now or for future desires and dreams.

  • Writing

    • Expressing, compelling, and inspirational ideas of one’s inner thoughts in a variety of ways.


Robin Poe Founder

POE Creations Foundation

Welcomes YOU