aloedd The Game

Here we have a unique situation.
ALOEDD the game has been an in-person RPG,

an ongoing history of a fantastic discovery by several characters from the graphic novel entitled; ASOYIA a dimension with land much like Earth, named by these questors; the Map World.

This ongoing history (storyline) has been developing since 1985 from hours/days/weeks/months/years of rich game play and character actions.  You too may become part of this unique world's history and storylines for future players and readers.

Yes, readers.  Stories from historical play are creating in graphic novel form and as scenarios your questors can endeavor to conquest.

Your options are graphic novels, scenarios, character sheets, drawings of maps, creatures, even your personal character entered into a graphic novel or panel.


Everything depends solely on your desires, what you are seeking. Maybe notalgia or personalised gaming ideas.

Contact the Wizard Zaybxc (Emissary to the Map World) and discuss options and prices at